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Thought you’d find this helpful: A collection of useful potion recipes and their requirements (Alchemy) in Wizardry 8. Lucrative Recipes are in Italics. There you go!

alchemy Created Potion Component 1 Component 2
15 Potion of Hv. Heal Potion of Lt. Heal Potion of Mod. Heal
15 Potion of Cure Poison Potion of Lt. Heal Potion of Poison Reduction
15 Potion of Guardian Angel Potion of Lt. Heal Potion of Bless
20 Pickmeup Potion Potion of Mod. Heal Potion of Mod. Stamina
20 Acid Bomb Stink Bomb Boom Bomb
40 Potion of Cure Disease

Potion of Cure Light Condition

Potion of Hv. Heal
50 Renewal Potion Potion of Cure Disease Potion of Hv. Heal
50 Potion of Restoration Potion of Hv. Stamina Potion of Hv. Heal
50 Pandemonium Powder Sneeze Powder Flash Powder
70 Skeleton Powder Dust of Dessication Concussion Powder
85 Resurrection Powder Renewal Potion Magic Nectar
95 Canned Elemental Fire Bomb Ice Bomb

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #12 : Insane Graverobbery

Where we deal with flying heads in an ancient grave and get all the good stuff.

A guide on how to deal with Insanity in certain fights: Avoid your characters hitting each other πŸ™‚

Also: Various fights on the way from Arnika and more combat tactics.

Have fun watching and happy gaming!


#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics #8 : Squatting Spiders! (Don’t tell PETA)


As for our 8-legged friends we encountered in the Monastery, that’s how to get rid of them:

  • Small Spider (level 4 usually)
    They have pretty low hp but are usually encountered in groups. Good to meet them though as they are easily disposed of – if they are alone and don’t have other monsters to help them.
    You can just give them any damage and they will die quickly. If there are other mobs, by all means kill the spiders. They will ranged-attack you and have a high chance of paralyzing your party. So: While harmless if they’re your only opponents they are a menace if you have some high hp opponents to accompany them.
  • Wolf Spider (level 6 usually)
    Low hitpoints, great XP. Don’t run from them if they are alone, you’ll be able to kill them with any party. If you have problems getting damage done, try to lure them to an edge and a doorway to avoid being constantly paralyzed.
    That said, as with the small spiders: Beware of other monsters adding up. This will be dangerous.

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #7: On a different level!

…where our party meets Burz, the Monastery shopkeeper and has a nice chat with him.
Also: Getting to the next level of the Monastery, killing some Higardi and meeting a mysterious stone statue of a bearded man.

Nothing trolling us this time. Just rolling along enjoying life and doing damage. Refining our tactics, beating “shit” up.

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #6: Too many Seekers!

…where our heroes meet many new monsters: Small Spiders, Pustulant Slimes, and an overwhelming amount of Seekers: So you get to see “hit and run” tactics live. (As I don’t want to cheesily try and reload.)

Also: The Safe bearing more precious Resurrection Powder.

Anything you want explained? Just ask – I’ll answer πŸ™‚

See you next time – have fun gaming!


#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 4: Grim #Gregor the Great


The Menace of the Monastery needs to be beaten to continue to the next “zone” there. It is

  • Gregor, the Giant BugYou can usually choose the fight. The tunnel from the room of King Crab leads up to his room. How he got there or who put him there is not known. But sure thing: He has killed many, and eaten plenty, to get to this prodigous size.

    So how to beat him? Easily! Of course. You need to pick the fight when you’re ready. You shouldn’t have party members much lower than 30 hp. Your party needs to be fully healed and have all Scrolls or Potions put to their respective users in fight. It pays to use everything you have, especially if you’re not sure if your party has enough damage to cope with him.
    You need to kill him quickly. The longer the fight lasts, the higher is the possibility of getting affected by his special effects: Blind, Poison, Unconsciousness, Paralyze. All pretty bad. An affected character can be one-rounded by him, even if fully healed.

    You will need to heal once you reach 20 hitpoints with a character, because he can, and will, one-round you otherwise pretty often. He is melee, so let him come to you until you start beating and firing on him. Don’t hold back – if you can, use a Scroll of Haste (which you have a high probability to find) to speed your party’s attacks up a bit, especially if you have a Samurai with you as I had. Lightning Strikes will say “Goodbye Gregor” like no other.

    If you don’t have specialized spellcasters, don’t waste your time trying to put control spells like Paralyze or Fear on him: They won’t work.
    Keep beating down on him and he will eventually fall. Your party should at least be Level 5 for you to try Gregor for a serious attempt on higher difficulties. And even if you are not the “reload” kind of guy, it pays to save your game before the fight. I didn’t, in the playthrough, though πŸ™‚

    Have fun beating the “Boss” of the Monastery, the most difficult single encounter here.

  • More Monsters: Languid Slime, usually Level 2-3, few hp. Try to kill these from a distance, and quickly. They have single digit hitpoints and are usually addon spawns of more dangerous opponents – but the special effects on their ranged attack can be a plague if you’re unlucky (unconsciousness and the like are no joke if you’re stuck in a bunch of rats).
  • Small Spider: A group of these can quickly web and ranged attack your whole party, but don’t despair – they usually don’t do much damage and you can kill them one by one. Even if the fight takes long, if you’re not seriously wounded, just run into the group of spiders and melee them down one by one. They rarely have more than 20 hp and will go down really quickly. If you’re wounded though, make sure to lure them around an edge so that not many of the group can attack you.

See you next time with a Video,

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #5: Beating the Bug?!

…where we find another ton of Noxious (and other) Slimes, Seekers (which we eliminate easily) and run in circles until we finally feel strong enough to confront the Big Bug Boss Gregor.

Also: Me telling you about all the time you can waste (joyfully) in Wizardry 8 if you try to play this game defensively (and successful).

Tactics against Seekers – live again.

And Grim Gregor. The Mighty Menace. The fearsomest foe I could imagine in the Monastery. Will we survive?

Have fun gaming,

see you around,



#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 3: #King #Crab and his people :-)


When the Monastery continues to spawn opponents, you will encounter higher level challenges and, wandering around, you will meet a first boss:

  • King Crab
    Be sure to have characters with lower than 15/20 hitpoints out of range of this extended range 105 hitpoints tough guy because he can kill them in one round if you’re unlucky. He is waiting for you behind a locked door after a long tunnel at the start of which you can find knock picks. He will be able to hit hard, even double digits sometimes.
    Extended range means if he is as close as possible to your party, he will be able to pass one tactical row to hit the guys in the back. In the example above, he is able to hit everyone in the party, because I moved as close as possible to allow for my effective melee fighters to hit.
    You can lull him to sleep with a bard’s lute from the start and if you get him close to the 30 hp range by melee attacks only, usually his stamina will be too low for him to keep attacking and he will fall unconscious at which point you can club him to death easily.
    Just be sure to unload your full offensive potential on him, and keep your weaklings far away, and you will be fine.
  • Noxious Slime
    The most common upgrade from the Green Slime, these monsters are now ranged opponents and have about 30 hp. They can even nauseate your guys if you’re unlucky.
    Nauseate will give a negative modifier to armor class and sometimes, the character won’t do anything in a round if he or she is nauseated (about 50%, depending on Vitality)
    Don’t waste your time trying to lull these to sleep: At high levels it might work, but just run at them and club them down. They’re pretty easy to hit and die quickly to melee damage.
  • Swarming Roach
    One first upgrade to the standard Roach or Bug, the Swarming Roach is usually numerous. He has the special ability to come in a swarm and to attack in a swarm – as in up to 4-5 of these guys will be able to attack you even if you encounter them in a close doorway.
    Make sure not to meet them in the open in large groups, and kill the small hp ones first (there will be single digit roaches among them). They can be mesmerized by the Bard’s lute or similar spells (Sleep et al.)
  • Seekers (up to Level 5)
    Two-legged reptiles being able to spit spittle at you with the same effects as the attacks from the noxious slime (mostly nauseating). They will attack in larger groups and can shoot over each other which makes them prime candidates to lure them around an edge so the majority of the group won’t see (nor attack) you.
    Unless you’re feeling lucky or confident, don’t just run at a larger group:
    Bring them to a position where you can fight them easily. You have to be patient though. They will camouflage easily, and may come split up in different groups, or surprise you, or even try to surround you in combat.
    They are among the harder opponents of the Monastery for low level characters, so just try to be careful. They’re not hard at all though if your level is sufficient and if you’re used to the tactics to kill them (as described above, but practice makes perfect!)

As you can see: As you level up in Wizardry 8, the opponents become trickier (and the text thus much longer, I hope you don’t mind :-))

Have fun gaming,

good hunting!

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #4 : We want 6!

…where we are in desperate need of opponents to level our girls up to 6! Who doesn’t want 6?

But when we find them, we’ll find plenty!
Tactics against many ranged opponents in enclosed areas – done easy πŸ™‚

We also encounter a new type of opponents: Seekers – devious two-legged reptiles spitting dangerous spittle at us. And we even meet a party of them (6) which would be pretty dangerous if you’d face them head on. But we… see for yourself! (Or read soon).

Also: Me arguing with myself if it’s already time for Gregor K., the giant bug blocking our progress (it is not… yet!).

Have fun gaming,
see you!



#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 2

Wandering through the Monastery at the start of the game, you will encounter some monsters, mostly harmless but sometimes only harmless if well-treated. And by well-treated I mean mistreated in a violent way.

SomeΒ of the very first monsters of our playthrough Videos 1 / 2 / 3 and the tactics to beat them – to give you a good start:

  • Softshell Crab
    Don’t let the party get surrounded by these guys. Quite strong at Level 1-2 (up to 30 hp and sometimes they’ll hit double digits) if you encounter a bunch of them. Go to an edge or flee into a doorway and let them come to you. Then kill them one by one. Some immunity to water spells, like all crabs (Frost etc.).
  • Green Slime
    Probably the most harmless encounter level 1-2. Hitpoints up to 20. Doesn’t hit double digits and pure melee – so try to get them one by one, but low priority target when you encounter multiple different mobs. Some immunity to mental spells, as all slimes (Sleep etc.).
  • Rat
    Very low hitpoints but solid damage. Quite a multitude of them can fit into the middle attack area, so try to kill them fast. High damage per hitpoint, so potentially high priority targets in a mixed encounter. Vulnerable to mental spells (Sleep etc.). Don’t let yourself get surrounded, if possible. Quick.
  • Bat
    Low hitpoints / solid damage. Same as rats, but some immunity to air spells. Vulnerable to mental spells (Sleep etc.). Don’t let yourself get surrounded, if possible. Quick.

Hit them often hit them hard and have fun doing it πŸ˜€

See you next time with a Video – happy gaming


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