Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 is one of the best and most accessible History Grand Strategy games and at the same time it’s a cool roleplaying game. You are roleplaying the decisions of your ruler and influence his family and the state and through that, the game world.

Let’s dive into some of the fantastic stories you can create together with the historical roleplay playthrough series that I’ve made for you:

Immanuel Can – Thoughtful Gaming – Historical Roleplay Playthroughs of Crusader Kings 3

Current run: The Carolingians (Crusader Kings 3 Tours and Tournaments DLC) – early start 867, Christian rulers

Crusader Kings 3 Friends and Foes DLC: Vidilist Faith run, a small faith takes on the big European giants, early start 867

Crusader Kings 3 Asturias – Dream of the Stars – Martial Crusaders Run, early start 867


From diplomacy to economy to “good old” war and faith, there’s a lot to this game that both takes history very seriously and at the same time transforms it into a giant sandbox to play around with.

Creating a medieval woke state with equality (except for rulers)? Creating a faith that hates all people? Becoming the most feared warrior of the world? Becoming the one ruler that created the Empire? You can do it all.

Crusader Kings 3 is full of surprises and even after playing it for a while, you will discover new things every time you play it. I sure love the game, so I’m doing themed historical and roleplaying playthroughs since it came out for your amusement.

All the best, Your

Immanuel Can – Thoughtful Gaming



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