#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 5: Batting Rats and Bats


A quick post for some pests that are not at all dangerous if well mistreated:

  • Gnawer Rat
    Don’t let yourself get surrounded by these rats. They often roam around cloaked in the Monastery, so make sure you’re at least close to a wall. If they attack, just kill them one by one, weakest ones first – or use area damage, if you have it.
  • Rabid Rat
    Additionally be extra careful. If there’s a big number of these, make sure to use your crowd control if you’re not safe in a doorway getting to mow them down one by one. They can make your guys unconscious, nauseous or even paralyzed and will hit quite a bit. If you’re up against “mixed rats” and these are the highest level ones, kill them first always.
  • Dusk Bat
    Different to a standard bat, they can scream and make your party feel afraid. The extra timid guys may also fall unconscious but that’s a very rare occurrence. More important: They are less likely to be crowd controlled and hit harder than the standard bat, so don’t let yourself get surrounded and kill these first if you’re up against mixed bats.

Have fun and bat down all these monsters quickly, cause I’m going to bed now.

See you next time with a Video!

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#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 2

Wandering through the Monastery at the start of the game, you will encounter some monsters, mostly harmless but sometimes only harmless if well-treated. And by well-treated I mean mistreated in a violent way.

Some of the very first monsters of our playthrough Videos 1 / 2 / 3 and the tactics to beat them – to give you a good start:

  • Softshell Crab
    Don’t let the party get surrounded by these guys. Quite strong at Level 1-2 (up to 30 hp and sometimes they’ll hit double digits) if you encounter a bunch of them. Go to an edge or flee into a doorway and let them come to you. Then kill them one by one. Some immunity to water spells, like all crabs (Frost etc.).
  • Green Slime
    Probably the most harmless encounter level 1-2. Hitpoints up to 20. Doesn’t hit double digits and pure melee – so try to get them one by one, but low priority target when you encounter multiple different mobs. Some immunity to mental spells, as all slimes (Sleep etc.).
  • Rat
    Very low hitpoints but solid damage. Quite a multitude of them can fit into the middle attack area, so try to kill them fast. High damage per hitpoint, so potentially high priority targets in a mixed encounter. Vulnerable to mental spells (Sleep etc.). Don’t let yourself get surrounded, if possible. Quick.
  • Bat
    Low hitpoints / solid damage. Same as rats, but some immunity to air spells. Vulnerable to mental spells (Sleep etc.). Don’t let yourself get surrounded, if possible. Quick.

Hit them often hit them hard and have fun doing it 😀

See you next time with a Video – happy gaming


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