#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics #7 : Metallic slimes – good for your iron value?

Metallic Slime

Some of the last “slimey” encounters we had on our “bad last day” at the Monastery. Kill with care!

  • Metallic Slime (around level 8+)
    These blobs have around 100 hp and will shoot at you, but can attack in melee too (and will do more damage then). They can drop your party members unconscious and, if the party member is already unconscious, there is a chance your hero will just die. Just like that. Though the chance is low.
    So while they are not dangerous for their damage, they are dangerous for their special effects. And because it takes forever to kill them: Their received melee damage is reduced by 50% – so good for you if you have magic damage (like the Lightning Rod for your Gadgeteer)!
    It’s pretty easy to run from them after you’ve killed one or two and come back later when you have replenished your reserves.
  • Pustulant Slime (around level 4-6, mostly 5)
    Hard to kill because they tend to nauseate(-4 AC / – 4 to hit / may miss a turn) your whole party with a green cloud, and nauseates and poisons (-AC / -hp per round) when attacking too. About 50 hp and you may meet them as early as level 3-4 if you’re unlucky. If you’re at that level and meet 4+ of them, you can try to kill one of them and then just run. Later, it’s a slugfest trying to kill them and it will deplete your resources – so make sure you’ll get no additional mobs if you encounter these. Lightning Rod or high spell damage helps here too.
  • Poison Seekers (around level 7-9, red texture)
    If you meet these still in the Monastery, you may not be able to identify them but contrary to the usual green seekers, they have a reddish look on them. They’re pretty nasty opponents because they’ll have around 60 hp, stand around you, may still nauseate you but will poison you with nearly every shot. Especially your characters with low VIT will be affected, which is dangerous on its own.
    The Poison damage per round can also ADD UP, so be careful when you get that hefty 6 or sometimes even 9 dmg per round in addition to their damage. Don’t underestimate them, make sure to lure them to a position where you can confront them one by one or at least not more than two at once (a door would be ideal).
    Remember your Potions of Poison Cure, burst these seekers down and good luck if you meet them early 🙂

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #9 : The Great Outdoors!

…where our party goes on a rampage on the way to Arnika. Featuring maneuver tactics in the outdoors (as in the previous post) and: Using the Bard’s Piercing Pipes to the fullest.

Have fun watching, and: happy gaming!

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #5: Beating the Bug?!

…where we find another ton of Noxious (and other) Slimes, Seekers (which we eliminate easily) and run in circles until we finally feel strong enough to confront the Big Bug Boss Gregor.

Also: Me telling you about all the time you can waste (joyfully) in Wizardry 8 if you try to play this game defensively (and successful).

Tactics against Seekers – live again.

And Grim Gregor. The Mighty Menace. The fearsomest foe I could imagine in the Monastery. Will we survive?

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#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 3: #King #Crab and his people :-)


When the Monastery continues to spawn opponents, you will encounter higher level challenges and, wandering around, you will meet a first boss:

  • King Crab
    Be sure to have characters with lower than 15/20 hitpoints out of range of this extended range 105 hitpoints tough guy because he can kill them in one round if you’re unlucky. He is waiting for you behind a locked door after a long tunnel at the start of which you can find knock picks. He will be able to hit hard, even double digits sometimes.
    Extended range means if he is as close as possible to your party, he will be able to pass one tactical row to hit the guys in the back. In the example above, he is able to hit everyone in the party, because I moved as close as possible to allow for my effective melee fighters to hit.
    You can lull him to sleep with a bard’s lute from the start and if you get him close to the 30 hp range by melee attacks only, usually his stamina will be too low for him to keep attacking and he will fall unconscious at which point you can club him to death easily.
    Just be sure to unload your full offensive potential on him, and keep your weaklings far away, and you will be fine.
  • Noxious Slime
    The most common upgrade from the Green Slime, these monsters are now ranged opponents and have about 30 hp. They can even nauseate your guys if you’re unlucky.
    Nauseate will give a negative modifier to armor class and sometimes, the character won’t do anything in a round if he or she is nauseated (about 50%, depending on Vitality)
    Don’t waste your time trying to lull these to sleep: At high levels it might work, but just run at them and club them down. They’re pretty easy to hit and die quickly to melee damage.
  • Swarming Roach
    One first upgrade to the standard Roach or Bug, the Swarming Roach is usually numerous. He has the special ability to come in a swarm and to attack in a swarm – as in up to 4-5 of these guys will be able to attack you even if you encounter them in a close doorway.
    Make sure not to meet them in the open in large groups, and kill the small hp ones first (there will be single digit roaches among them). They can be mesmerized by the Bard’s lute or similar spells (Sleep et al.)
  • Seekers (up to Level 5)
    Two-legged reptiles being able to spit spittle at you with the same effects as the attacks from the noxious slime (mostly nauseating). They will attack in larger groups and can shoot over each other which makes them prime candidates to lure them around an edge so the majority of the group won’t see (nor attack) you.
    Unless you’re feeling lucky or confident, don’t just run at a larger group:
    Bring them to a position where you can fight them easily. You have to be patient though. They will camouflage easily, and may come split up in different groups, or surprise you, or even try to surround you in combat.
    They are among the harder opponents of the Monastery for low level characters, so just try to be careful. They’re not hard at all though if your level is sufficient and if you’re used to the tactics to kill them (as described above, but practice makes perfect!)

As you can see: As you level up in Wizardry 8, the opponents become trickier (and the text thus much longer, I hope you don’t mind :-))

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#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #4 : We want 6!

…where we are in desperate need of opponents to level our girls up to 6! Who doesn’t want 6?

But when we find them, we’ll find plenty!
Tactics against many ranged opponents in enclosed areas – done easy 🙂

We also encounter a new type of opponents: Seekers – devious two-legged reptiles spitting dangerous spittle at us. And we even meet a party of them (6) which would be pretty dangerous if you’d face them head on. But we… see for yourself! (Or read soon).

Also: Me arguing with myself if it’s already time for Gregor K., the giant bug blocking our progress (it is not… yet!).

Have fun gaming,
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