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Together, we experience alternative Histories in Strategy and Roleplaying Games (Science Fiction, History, Fantasy).
We always have some thoughts on history, characters, psychology, art or also on optimizing gameplay a little, but mainly we just have fun 🙂

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What I’m currently doing: SCK3 and continuing the Pathfinder Kingmaker series, weeding out outdated pages on the blog to make room for something new, shiny, useful and wholesome 🙂

Complete Playthroughs so far (Work in Progress List <3)

Just started: Crusader Kings 3 – Tours & Tournaments – The Carolingians, Karlmann, Duke of Bavaria 867

Running 🙂 Pathfinder Kingmaker Blind / Challenging, Chaotic Good Tiefling Eldritch Knight


Catastrophically completed: Stellaris – Galactic Paragons – The Order of Nautilon

Paused / about to continue: Age of Wonders 4, Halfling Barbarians!

Pentiment – Historical Roleplay in a small Bavarian Village

Wizardry 8 Beginner Friendly Expert Difficulty Playthrough

Wizardry 8 Tutorials, Guides and Help for New Players

Wizardry 8 Expert – The Masters of Magic (Caster Playthrough)

Wizardry 8 Expert – My First Let’s Play on YouTube


Stellaris Common Ground

Stellaris Aquatics: Here Be Dragons

Stellaris Necroids: Pasharti Absorbers

Stellaris TSSSR Roleplay

Stellaris Federations: New Eden Corporation

Stellaris Leviathans: Snail Wars

Stellaris Snedi Knights Roleplay

Stellaris Ancient Relics Snail Wars, Ubersnail

Stellaris Apocalypse: Children of Atlantis

Stellaris Utopia DLC – The Culture

Stellaris Synthetic Dawn DLC – The Culture Beyond

Stellaris – The Cthulhu Myth (Roleplay)

Crusader Kings 3 We Pagans of Prussia: May the Trees be Our Shelter


Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court: Asturias – Dream of the Stars!

Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury Lords of the Fjords

Torment: Tides of Numenera


Europa Universalis 4 – Qara Qoyunlu, Horde of the Black Sheep

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Tyranny Roleplay (Hard) “We are the Law”

Pillars of Eternity – The Renegades of Punk (Path of the Damned Roleplay)

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire (Path of the Damned Turn-Based Roleplay)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Henry the Daydreamer

Disco Elysium – Roleplay

Curious Expedition 2

Through the Darkest of Times

The Great Whale Road, Roleplay + Complete Frisian Campaign


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