#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun 3

…where the party meets many crabs, bugs and the Mini-Boss “King Crab” and disposes of them in a non-pacifist way.

Adding some tactical finesse and leveling up the girls (+guy).

Discussing item upgrades and who gets which items in our party.

Have fun watching,

Happy Gaming & see you soon!


P.S. Thanks to Wikimedia User Ianare Sevi for the featured Image Crab Picture

#Wizardry8 #Playthrough #Video 2: The #Monastery

…where the party experiences a massive slaughtering of lots of rats, bats and slimes in the lower parts of the Monastery (and avoids getting slaughtered – yet) and all of the girls (and the guy) gain massive experience (and thus level up).

Also: A live introduction to basic Wizardry 8 tactics.

It might need some time still as YouTube Servers seem to not react quickly atm. Some re-production will also be done later because of that delay.

Have fun and hopefully see you around!
If you have any suggestions for me to try or to explain – write a comment anywhere on the Thoughtful Gaming pages.




#Wizardry 8: Building an offensive melee #Monk

Similar to the offensive Samurai, we are going to build an offensive melee monk, also female, for Stamina item reasons at the start!

We are going to put points into Strength > Speed > Dexterity > Vitality.

Race choice: As the Monk class needs high piety (50), we will go with the bonus point rich and balanced Human race. Her name, honoring “the way”, will be Taoia.


We’re going to use her martial arts skills to the fullest and ignore the stealth skill (it will only provide armor – pretty useful, but hey, we are aggressive!)

Different to the samurai, we also have points for critical strike, which will make her lack of good weapons at the start pretty bearable.




..and let me say she’ll have good looks! She is ready for anything: And aggressive to boot (ready for the -kicking!)


With the Samurai she makes the “Destructive Duo” of our party. The “shredder” component if you like – the reason why our tactical concept most times will be: Run in and let the shredders do their work: Double hit and crit – unstoppable (by blindness /Monk , or by fear / Samurai).

Prepare for more – or build your own party and post it!

See you for Member 3 next time,


#Wizardry8 : Enchanting steps back to the Past!

This is the start to a series around the CRPG classic Wizardry 8. One of the greatest RPGs of its time – and still tons of fun.

Thanks to Steam revamps, Wizardry 8 is back to playable and available here in a version supporting Windows: http://store.steampowered.com/app/245450

Step by step, we will go on a journey through the rough & tough world of Wizardry 8, featuring

  • A YouTube Playthrough
  • A character building / attribute guide for the newbies
  • Various helpful links about the game
  • A unique try for a DPS oriented late game party – as the late game is even harder than the respectable early game in Wizardry 8, this will be a good starter if you want to play through the full game which isn’t easy at all
  • Good Dungeon Crawling Fun on the highest difficulty setting interesting for veterans and newbies alike 🙂
  • maybe even streaming if I get my provider to give me better bandwith 🙂

See you in game!


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