#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun #4 : We want 6!

…where we are in desperate need of opponents to level our girls up to 6! Who doesn’t want 6?

But when we find them, we’ll find plenty!
Tactics against many ranged opponents in enclosed areas – done easy šŸ™‚

We also encounter a new type of opponents: Seekers – devious two-legged reptiles spitting dangerous spittle at us. And we even meet a party of them (6) which would be pretty dangerous if you’d face them head on. But we… see for yourself! (Or read soon).

Also: Me arguing with myself if it’s already time for Gregor K., the giant bug blocking our progress (it is not… yet!).

Have fun gaming,
see you!



#Wizardry8 #Shredder #Speedrun 3

…where the party meets many crabs, bugsĀ and the Mini-Boss “King Crab” and disposes of them in a non-pacifist way.

Adding some tactical finesse and leveling up the girls (+guy).

Discussing item upgrades and who gets which items in our party.

Have fun watching,

Happy Gaming & see you soon!


P.S. Thanks to Wikimedia User Ianare Sevi for the featured ImageĀ Crab Picture

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