#Wizardry8 #TLDR #Tactics 6: The great outdoors – maneuver tactics


…again! Our basic tactic! What is there left to say?
Up until now we were just running around in the Monastery, a pretty easy place for placement tactics. Just go to a door or an edge and you’re set.

But what about the outdoors? Now?


This is a schematic on what you will encounter in the outdoors. Red = Party, Green = Monsters that can attack your party.

A small guide to tactic safety in the outdoors.

You should always at least walk near a wall, so you can use the minimum defensive setup where at least your backline is safe (A)

If you are up against Monsters that will come to you, try to always move into optimal defensive positions even if this means you have to run (B or D) – as you can see, the area where the monsters can attack you is very small. This will be a great advantage for your party. In these cases, the monsters can only attack your direct frontline.

Even in the case of C, you are better protected than just against the wall, as only up to two monsters will be able to attack the sides. In A, the monsters can focus your side protectors which can be quite deadly for them.

And if you find any landmarks that will block opponents, use them too: Make trees, stones and edges your friends. They will block at least one of the monsters and so prevent the dreaded one-round-deaths.

Please share any more tactical tips and tricks you have on the Thoughtful-Gaming pages, I’m eager to know more!

And if you’re playing Wizardry 8 right now, have fun with these TLDR tactics 🙂

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