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Welcome, Traveller!

Happy Gaming,

I hope you’re all sound and if not: all the best to you. Gamers will survive, we are best at self-isolation without isolating 🙂

Everything is a bit quiet now, but that will change soon. We will kickstart Pillars of Eternity 2 soon with 6 or 7 videos in a row, daily, then going for a chill “every second day” rhythm alternating with Crusader Kings 2.

Have fun watching and Happy Gaming!

Current schedule (27nd of June 2020)

  1. Crusader Kings 2, LORDS OF THE FJORDS (Roleplay Hard) – Every other day, 4 pm CET
  2. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – The Renegades of Punk, Path of the Damned 5.0 Turn-Based Completist with Roleplay – Every other day, alternating with CK2, 9 am CET

Hi there friends and fellow thinkers!

We are five now here, so it’s a little crowded and showing. Kids are now a little older, still sleeping is a nightmare and the kindergardens are closed for Covid, that’s why I have to help a lot while working and stuff 😀

Please continue to give me valuable hints about specials you’d like. It’s usually very good topics and if I find the time and think I can do that I’ll gladly do them!

Happy Gaming to you, Immanuel Can