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Welcome, Traveller!

Happy Gaming,

wellll, the second Covid Wave is rolling now. Doesn’t matter, let’s isolate together (oh, the paradox!) and game for a better world.

Wasteland 3 has come out and I want to see if we can get into it, even if YouTube will punish it, being a PEGI 18+ game which I have to age-restrict accordingly (as I’m not a bigger creator, I’ll better be careful.)

Crusader Kings 3 – we will start something in it, but there will also be guide videos etc. and so I’m not exactly sure about its schedule. It will probably alternate with CK2 or Stellaris.

We got Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire going, and apparently you like it a lot, which makes me very happy. Also, Crusader Kings 2 is still going on – it will, until a family end or the end of the Vanilla game. Stellaris is back from the 2nd of August, and we will alternate it with Deadfire, so the days will be: CK2 + Stellaris / Deadfire / CK2 + Stellaris / Deadfire.

Have fun watching and Happy Gaming!

Current schedule (from 3rd of September 2020)

  1. Stellaris Grand Admiral 2.7 25xCrisis: The TSSSR (Thoughtful Stellar Socialist Soviet Republics) Modified Humans “On the Shoulder of Giants” – Every other day at 10 am CET, together with CK2
  2. Crusader Kings 2, LORDS OF THE FJORDS (Roleplay Hard) – Every other day, 4 pm CET
  3. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – The Renegades of Punk, Path of the Damned 5.0 Turn-Based Completist with Roleplay – Every other day, alternating with CK2, 9 am CET
  4. Wasteland 3 Hard Difficulty + Roleplay – Assault-Rifler Immanuel Can, Brawler Dark Savant, Melee, Sniper + NPCs – Every other day, alternating with Deadfire, 9 am CET

Dear friends and fellow thinkers!

Thank You a lot for all your kind words and your continued support in watching, giving feedback, participating in the stuff trying to get going. Also trying to improve things a bit.

You might know I catch every cold there is, and I’m currently trying to fix that by losing a lot of weight and sleeping like 30 minutes more a day, to both be healthier and also have a rather continous output for the channel rather than All Gas / Full Stop alternations.

Also, I’m rethinking everything and the style has changed. While hopefully keeping the well-going narrative style, adding a bit of tutorial-ish stuff in, especially in the starting episodes of a series. Also, relentlessly deleting stuff I’m not happy with and redoing it, that’s one of the reasons for less episodes.

The other thing is that the episodes are a bit longer on average and rather appear every second day which gives you the choice for a longer episode (apparently the need is there, often) or split-watching the episode and which gives me “a break” from creating tons of thumbnails, descriptions, etc… for every LP episode there are probably at least 10-20 minutes fixed time to get the episode out there, and with all the new copyright laws from EU and US, that is getting more. Using that saved time now, when I can, to improve quality by preparation (which is a lot of fun).

We are five here, so it’s a little crowded and showing. Kids are now a little older, still sleeping is a nightmare and the kindergardens are closed for Covid, that’s why I’m taking the kids a lot to help, also working.

A very special thank you to my supporters through YouTube membership (Dark Savant)* and Patreon (Young Skywalker)* – your financial support is already helping much! You have helped to replace a failing mouse with “auto doubleclick” for a solid alternative and a microphone on its last leg – very cool! We sound better much earlier because of your support 🙂

* Usernames modified for anonymity

Please continue to give me valuable hints about specials you’d like. It’s usually very good topics and if I find the time and think I can do that I’ll gladly do them!

Happy Gaming to you, Immanuel Can