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Welcome, traveller πŸ™‚

Kingdom Come Deliverance is back on track, we did it, and should be able to complete the game now without strange artifacts. I’d like more if I could use the other recording mode as it has hugely better graphics but alas.. sometimes you have to adapt.

Due to strange graphics bugs in recordings similar to the Kingdom Come Deliverance issues, we will stop Stellaris Megacorp and CK2 for a while, and Stellaris Snail Wars once the current stack is complete (graphics errors are very rare there thankfully, but still we will repair to restore all the goodness and then really “press the pedal to the metal” – maybe we can reach 3 videos a day, the maximum publish limit on YT right now (more will not be shown usually)).

WE GOT A PLANETFALL KEY from Paradox, thanks to them I can show the game now. It is GOOD and thorough. Not sure how good it is yet, but it’s definitely a good game, and very deep! We’ll go deeper into the Kir’Ko Campaign together on Expert right off the bat πŸ™‚

New schedule as of 7th August 2019:

  1. Age of Wonders: Planetfall Expert Difficulty, Kir’Ko Campaign 2pm CET daily for now
  2. STELLARIS Let’s Roleplay ANCIENT RELICS Snail Wars, Max Crisis, Max Difficulty – Mo, Wed, Fr, Sun 12 noon CETΒ 
  3. STELLARIS Max Difficulty / Max Crisis Roleplay,MEGACORPSE INC / Megacorp Roleplay – Tue, Thur, Sat 4pm CET (on PAUSE due to REFORM connected to Windows / Graphics patch causing bugs)
  4. Crusader Kings 2, LORDS OF THE FJORDS (Roleplay Hard) – Mo, Wed, Fri, Sun – 4pm CET (on PAUSE due to REFORM connected to Windows / Graphics patch causing bugs)
  5. Kingdom Come Deliverance – Henry the Daydreamer – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 10pm CET
  6. PoE2 and Torment will start again after K:CD is complete

The Megacorp Tournament has also completed – watch the finals here:

Happy to see you πŸ™‚Β – 25th May: – Rework of the channel is going well.

Many new results of the analytics research have shown me that a lot will change and has to change. For now, I’m preparing to further SIMPLIFY the SCHEDULE of the LPs. That is only the visible part as I’m also working on video structure, ultimately also graphics and sound and some secret stuff πŸ™‚

Upcoming streaming schedule: Pausing atm for various reasons (upload, kids)

Progress in Discord – I check in there about daily now if I have time at all, I post and pin videos that are not in the schedule on Discord, Twitter, Facebook. I need someone to teach me Reddit, I’m not great there πŸ˜€

Once a couple of the changes are done, TWITCH STREAMING will start and combine with the LPs. The goal is to have at least the newer series running on Twitch as well, but of course in a different format and… yes, if you want polished episodes with very good graphics, you should look on YouTube.

Milestones: We welcome our FIRST PATREON supporter and the first YouTube Patron! It motivates me greatly to produce more and better content. Thank you a lot πŸ™‚

Some people are always on, I am not a fulltime YouTuber, I have 2 hours each day usually, but not more, so basically I can decide if I chat with 3 persons or if you get 2 or 3 episodes, I hope you understand that πŸ™‚

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Let’s Explore Hardest Difficulty (Expert) – Kir’Ko Campaign

Stellaris Ancient Relics Roleplay Grand Admiral + Max Crisis: Snail Wars Ubersnail / Search for the Holy Snail

Stellaris Megacorp Roleplay Grand Admiral + Max. Crisis: Megacorpse Inc

Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury Hard – Norse Pagan Sunnmaere Roleplay

Stellaris Apocalypse Roleplay Insane / Max Crisis: Children of Atlantis / Cthulhu Myth 2 – COMPLETE

Kingdom Come Deliverance Chill Roleplay LP

Torment: Tides of Numenera Voiced PAUSED

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Path of the Damned + Roleplay – Kevaver Forgedawn returns PAUSED

Wizardry 8 will return. – DEFINITELY. I FEEL THE NEED πŸ˜€

Hi there friends and fellow thinkers!

We are five now here, so it’s a little crowded and showing. Kids are still so young they’re not in kindergarden for a while that’s why I have to help a lot while working and stuff πŸ˜€

Please continue to give me valuable hints about specials you’d like. It’sΒ usually very good topics and if I find the time and think I can do that I’ll gladly do them!

Happy Gaming to you, Immanuel Can