Stellaris Megacorp DLC – all our videos and infos


Hi friends, so happy to see you here!

There will be A LOT of Stellaris coming with the Megacorp expansion. We’re starting with a Let’s Roleplay on Grand Admiral / 5 x Crisis to get to know the game 🙂 Start with the Story Video and then it’s going to be a BIG start because I couldn’t stop myself from one more.. well, not turn, year maybe? 😀

This post will be continously updated with guides and news about 2.2 and Megacorp from the point of release.

You can already start dreaming up some empires and corporations because we’re going to have a new GRAND AI TOURNAMENT! Contact me via Comments or mail to thoughtfulgaming ( at ) if you want to be added to the Tournament’s Mailing list, too.

To get you started here’s a first overview about the civics, ideas and synergies of a Megacorporation (Stellaris Megacorp DLC) (released at 3pm GMT+1)


But now: Paradox has delivered! And we will as well: Here you go – have fun watching and Happy Gaming 🙂

Our Let’s Roleplay Megacorp on Grand Admiral / 5x Crisis – MEGACORPSE INC. Schedule: Daily 4 PM GMT+1