Crusader Kings 3 Development News

Pretty motivated to cover every Crusader Kings 3 Development Update there is, and so, here you’ll find an overview about the Development Diaries for Crusader Kings 3, together with the Videos about them, from latest to earliest:

Crusader Kings 3 – The Court: Courtiers, Guests and Wanderers (Development Diary 8)

Learn more about the mechanics of the court: Your permanent regulars, the courtiers and what they can do. Then: How you can get new courtiers from guests, the temporary inhabitants of your court. These come from wanderers that will visit your courts and bring with them all kinds of wonderful abilities, traits and sometimes – secrets and claims and marriage offers. Doing something for the guests, or the wanderers, is your chance to keep your wonderful guest – maybe forever! Forgive my graphics experiment and learn more here:

Crusader Kings 3 – Characters, Traits, Portraits (Development Diary 7)

The core of what Crusader Kings 2 built on will be reformed. From now on you will have more defining traits – not so much a mass of it, but instead they will be harder to keep and to lose, and also influencing which events you get much more. So there will be “hallmark” characters and also, there will be two-word descriptors giving you an overview how other characters “tick” and if they will fit your court. Some of the traits have been reviewed, some new traits have come as well and revealed of them is – nearly nothing – instead we get a riddle of icons. But that’s not the end: Portraits are also updated, now to visibly reflect how thick or thin your character is, how well he feels, or what kind of illness he carries. Most intriguing:

Crusader Kings 3 – Council, Vassals and Spouse (Development Diary 6)

This is about the most important relations your ruler character will have, how his / her spouse can support him / her and what jobs the council will be able to do in the future (at least the most important as a sneak peek). Your spouse will have a more active role now, where you can choose how (s)he can support you, similar with your court members. Court members will both have an expansion and streamlining of their jobs, and where they will be sent. More:

Crusader Kings 3 – Intrigue, Secrets, Schemes and Hooks (Development Diary 5)

This goes into the new mechanics working together: You can get secrets from characters through events or through spying on them, or buying a secret from strangers. These secrets can give you hooks to get money or favours or a participation in a scheme from other characters in the game. How it all works? In the video:

Crusader Kings 3 – Prosperity System and Buildings (Development Diary 4)

We learn a lot about the new economy system on the county, duchy and kingdom level, the opportunities to specialize – here as well! – and the new buildings that will sometimes be bound to capitals as well (of the duchy or the kingdom) – and respectively where you will be able to build certain buildings, or not build them. Deep and interesting:

Crusader Kings 3 – New War Mechanics (Development Diary 3)

It’s obvious that the War Mechanics were up for improvement compared to Crusader Kings 2. Whoever has chased opponents around the map knows this very well. But what will be improved? With knights being added, the separation of levy troops and professional retinues and a different siege system, it’s looking good for an amazing gameplay improvement in Crusader Kings 3:

Crusader Kings 3 – The Medieval Map (Development Diary 2)

One of the main differences to Crusader Kings 2 is that the maps will be more detailed and more structured: A county will have separate land areas now, belonging to its baronies, temples, etc and there will also be more impassable terrain. That could lead to more interesting combat and also you will need to move to the respective baronies etc. now to siege them in case of war. So there will be increased tactical depth to the map as well as – of course – an improved look. More details in the video:

Dynasty and Family (Crusader Kings 3 Development Diary 1)

Your character of course will belong to a family. If the family expands, it will become a Dynasty. When the Dynasty grows it will be able to have several houses of the Dynasty, competing about the Dynasty and House head positions.
These positions enable you to further gain glory and with that glory (prestige, splendour) expand the abilities of your house and dynasty, shape their traits – kind of similar to the bloodlines functionality in Crusader Kings 2 – more in the video: