Avadon 3 The Warborn

Avadon 3 The Warborn – Review

Avadon 3 is an epic isometric CRPG. It has a really great story, quite some lore to explore, a world that is unbelievably big and detailed and interesting, turn-based party combat.

It is retro and indie, so there is sound but no music yet, the graphics are retro but they have high resolution and detail (HD) available. There is though, a game filled with love. It’s just really fun. The Tutorial leads you into the game very well and the interface and quest system is actually really modern and easy to use. The urge to explore and find more in this action-, treasure and lore-laden world soon gets you and then you’re on the hook. Like I am now!

At the start, you get sent out on missions and you can choose to take characters that you’ve met before with you. You have total control over them and also manage their attributes, skills and equipment. It is based on the mission how many people you can take with you, at the start you got your main character and a blademaster, a shadowwalker (some kind of thief/ninja) and a sorcerer at your disposal.

You can watch game footage in my Let’s Play where I’m adding episodes three times a week. But the start should already show you most. In episode three you can see how the combat works, too.



I got by this gem totally random, one of the friends of the producers wrote me an email if I wanted to preview the game (I got a small YouTube Gaming channel). I was curious and they were really nice, so I looked at the game and was really surprised and instantly knew I should have a look at the whole series.

I’d recommend it to anyone that likes retro RPGs and also all people who like great stories and tactical combat and don’t mind a retro-styled game.

Happy Gaming to you!

Immanuel Can

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