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Stellaris Dev Diaries – Stanislaw Lem Patch

Stellaris Dev Diary #223 Lem 3.1 Patch Notes (Relase September 14th, 2021)

We go through a quick overview of the patch, then through the PDX feature video, then through all patch notes together. Best “watched” as a podcast.. because extremely long Patch Notes 😀 Watch here:

Official DD 223 Stellaris Lem Patch 3.1 Patch Notes

Stellaris Dev Diary #222 Moddability in the Lem Patch

All about the changes to Variables, Sprite Sheets, Randomness, “Other Cool Stuff”, New Effects and Triggers and Modifiers as well as New Documentation Files, watch here:

Official DD 222 Stellaris Moddability in the Lem Patch

Stellaris Dev Diary #221 Lem Patch – Quality of Life, Balance, etc..

Stellaris – Fantastic Changes with the Lem Patch coming: Shattered Ring World Origin, Void Dweller Origin, Ecumenopolis, Hive Worlds, Machine Worlds, Criminal Megachurches, Civics: Beacon of Liberty, Imperial Cult, Idealistic Foundation, Environmentalist, Parilamentary System, Efficient Bureaucracy, Nationalistic Zeal, Functional Architecture, Subspace Ephapse, Divided Attention, Constructobots, Rogue Servitors, Slaver Guilds, Indentured Assets and Technocracy will be changed, mostly buffed! Let’s go through the massive changes list of the Lem Patch – Release Date: September! Watch here:

Stellaris Dev Diary #220 Clone Wars? Humanoids Species Pack DLC Rework

We learn about two new Civics: Masterful Crafters which changes your Artisans to the better Artificer Jobs and Pleasure Seekers which help make the life sweet and also increase Pop Growth as well as unlocking the Decadent Lifestyle Living Standard. Finally we’ll get a new Clone Army Origin which will allow us to start as abandoned Clone Soldiers.. a new Challenge Origin? More here:

Official Stellaris DD 220

Stellaris Dev Diary #219 Tradition Selection

We will be able to choose 7 tradition trees now from a selection that is defined by our government, species and DLCs. Also, some traditions get more modified, Diplomacy especially gets a lot more diplomatic. In general, traditions, traditions adoption effects and early traditions get better for early game, finishers and later traditions get better for late game. As a candy gift, there’s now 3 more traditions trees: Mercantile (for everyone, economy / trade), Unyielding (Nemesis DLC, military / defensive) and Subterfuge (Nemesis DLC, espionage). Watch more details now:

Official Stellaris DD 219

Stellaris Dev Diary #218 Plantoids + Fungoids Rework

Plantoids and Fungoids will get access to three new traits and two new civics, namely Phototrophic, Radiotrophic and Budding. Phototrophic replaces half of your food upkeep with energy upkeep, radiotrophic does the same but additionally you get +30% habitability on tomb worlds and you don’t need energy upkeep on tomb worlds, making this a great pick together with the post-apocalyptic origin. Budding lets your people assembly new pops.

Additionally, there are two new civics: With catalytic processing, you can use food to produce alloys and with the crazy Idyllic Bloom you get a method to transform planets into Gaia Worlds without even having the perk.. and faster!

More details – watch here:

Official Stellaris DD 218

Stellaris Dev Diary #217 was about the introduction of a special task force of programmers caring for only the bugs of the game.

Stellaris Dev Diary #216 Necroids Rework

Necrophage Hive Minds will be possible and Reanimated Armies and Death Cults get buffs as well as other changes like.. Necromancy in battle (!), among them slightly nerfing the start of Necrophages. Watch here:


Official DD 216

Stellaris Dev Diary #215

We look into the proposed changes for the Lem Patch, specifically: Which Species Groups will get which kind of changes or additional option? What about the “imbalanced” science strategies for Ring World and Void Dweller starts? And will Admin Capacity have to go? Watch now:

Stellaris Dev Diary #214

About the new Stellaris Custodians Team keeping the game in good shape to play and.. the first mention of the free Stanislaw Lem Patch, featuring New Stuff for Old DLCs, Selectable Traditions Trees, more Balance and Quality of Life – watch here:

Official DD 214

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